All InAre You 100% All In

If I was or somebody was to ask you if you are 100% All In what would you say?

All In – What does it mean to you? Most people will think it has something to do with gambling. You through all your chips in, one last chance to win. You’re holding all the A’s.

To me it means – When I make a decision to do something that I go all in. I feel as my training in sports as well as the coaches that I have had in life has developed this in me. Not to mention my business practices of the years.

We’re faced with a decision to make, it’s not a question if it’s a right or wrong. It’s that we must make the decision and make it the right one. Work to bring about the outcome that we desire.

So all in means that at all cost I will do everything in my power, focus and desire that is required to bring about the result that I want to be in my life.

Fork in the roadall in fork in the road

We all know what that means, “Fork In The Road.” You have a choice of 2 paths, the one on the left or the right which one do you choice. You have very little information on the 2 paths. However you know they end at the same destination. The one path looks down hill and rather easy. The other is slightly up hill and has some bumps along with some holes.

You are told that the one on the right that is up hill and bumpy with holes has others who are on that path also there are others who have completed the journey, who understand the difficulties that are ahead.

So the 2 paths, the first you must navigate on your own with no help. It looks easy as the other may have some help from others if I want it. However it is up hill not to mention has some bumps and holes on the path.

Which one do you choose?

There is not guarantee that you’ll get to your destination any sooner on whichever path you choose. So which one?

No mater the path you must go 100% all in and make your choice without hesitation. Make it the right one. You see if you navigate the one on your own you have to do the work yourself. Find the traps and land mines that await you on that path.

The other path you still have to do the work, however there are others on that path that can help you as they too have found those traps and understand what you may be looking for and give you some guidance.

So you make your choice and go all in.

You may be thinking – What does that mean to me?

Well you see I had that same choice 23 years ago and in most case I choose the path that I had to travel myself. Learn for myself, no real road map, no signs other than my feelings and emotion to guide me. I made many mistakes and misfortunes along the way. I did come out the other end. But at what cost was it to me and my family?

Grief is a journey on a path that may not be of our choosing. We do have the choice of which path that we take. But make sure you are 100% all in. It’s your choice nobody will make it for you or do the work on the path for you. You will get there.

I present to you a path

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