Angels Among Us

Are Angels among us?  What questions do have? Have you have had a personal experience with an Angel?

These are all good questions. As I have been working on my new book about Angels, I have some personal experience with angels such as guardian angels and spirit guides.

I personally never thought a lot about whether Angels are among us, do they know my thoughts, and can they hear what I may be saying.  My first real experience with the answer to this question came to me the day my daughter passed away

So many people have their own beliefs about Angels. As i have been working on and writing about what I know about Angels, I also have been doing research and have found many compelling story’s about other people’s accounts of Angels in their lives,

Are Angels among us and do they hear what we are saying and do they know what we need to hear so we may begin to believe to help us along our way? I have a story that I share in my book about an account of such an angel that came and made a difference within hours following my daughter’s death.

Do Angels appear to us in our dreams or while we are awake?

Yes, definitely they do. As in the Bible angels sometimes appear to people while they are wide awake, just as when Gabriel appeared to Mary (Luke 1:26-38). But other times, including the four times an angel came to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25), in his dreams.

Just as in Biblical times, angels come to people when they are dreaming. God chooses this way because I think that we are more relaxed and open to him and the presence of Angels when we are asleep. While most people never have such an angelic visitation, it is more common than most people think. I have talked to many people who have recounted experiences that I believe to be authentic

What about guardian Angels?

What do you think, do we have guardian angels? I say yes we do as there are so many stories that people have told that will make you stand up and take notice. The Bible doesn’t give a definite answer, although the Lord Jesus did say, “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:10) And Psalm 91:11 promises, “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

In my next blog post I will talk more about guardian Angels and Are Angels Among Us?

Do you have accounts or a story’s of your personal experience or know of someone who has had such and experience in their life? Please feel free to share your story and if you would like to have your story considered for my book I would love to here about it.

Thanks for reading