cause and mission in life#1 Tip to find your cause and mission in life

My #1 tip for finding your cause and mission in life following a loss. I went over 23 years looking for a meaning behind my loss, How I can bring something positive out of something that was the worst day in my life.

My #1 tip is to develop your story. Understand that your cause and meaning is deep inside of you. Understand that you’ll have to dig deep and peal back the layers of your story to find your passion, your mission and statement. What is so important to you? You’ll find that what you’re looking for.

It took me over 20+ years to learn this. How to find my cause and mission in life. If someone would have shared this with me so long ago. How many people could I of made a difference in. How many lives would have been changed or saved.

If you could tell your story to bring change to bring awareness to others. What would you say?

One of the most therapeutic parts of this whole story behind the story is. By developing my story to find my cause Empowering Millions it has helped me more to find peace and purpose in my life. To get up each day to effect a positive difference in others. My daughter’s memory lives through what I do. This bring so much joy to me as I know that it has helped so many others as people share their story and how it has opened their eyes to begin to move forward with meaning and purpose.

Are you ready to find your cause and purpose within your story?

It’s not easy work by no means. If it was easy then we could wipe out grief all together. Just in one day. It’s done.

We have to get up and have a plan for the day. So lets start today, why wait any longer, all you’ll be tomorrow is one day older. Think of so many others that can benefit from what you know.

I’m offering you a 2-hour Empowerment session to help you find your cause and mission in life.

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for your life and relationships so you can take your power back along with your relationships.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that you are facing now in your life that you contribute to your life event that may be sabotaging your healing to live the life you want.
  • You’ll leave this Empowerment session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally begin to live life again on your terms and feel that you have a purpose and are worthy to live that life.

I normally charge $495.00 for this 2-hour session. For a limited time, I’m offering this session at no cost to a limited number of people.

Email me at to set a time that works for you.

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