hope following a loss

Who is your HERO for having hope following a loss?

Who is your hero for having hope following a loss?

When I lost my daughter in 1993 I would have never looked at another who lost a loved one as  my HERO. However I had a friend that come to me and told me his story of loss.

You see what he shared with me is a story of such tragedy and out of that tragedy come so much hope and for this reason I would name him my HERO for hope following a loss.

His Story

As he shared with me that he and his wife with their son was driving down the highway on this day that is no different from any other day that you or I would be driving down the road. An oncoming truck went left of center, as he tried to avoid the truck, they hit head on. The driver side sustained the majority of the damage. For some reason he walked away. However his wife, son did not survive the accident.

Why he shared his story

You see my daughter drowned in our city pool on June 15, 1993. That day devastated me and my family. For over 20 + years I was lost and stuck in my own grief. He told me this story over 23 years ago that some day I would have hope. We were business associated as he owned his own business as did I. He went on to build a very successful business not just one but many successful businesses. He was a person that was honored in our community as a person who always found a way to give back. He was always there for whom ever needed it.

What he showed me in his story that took me so many years to find the meaning to is that there is so much hope following a loss. I lost so much that day. However I have gained so much more in life.

My Hero

He went on to have a family a wife and sons, and a daughter. to have a life that most people would be envious of. Most people would want to give up on life or ever having an opportunity for hope following a loss.

For this reason he is my hero.

He shared this with me so I could find my reason to live. To be able to give back through my program.

Empowering Million

I’m offering you a 2-hour Empowerment session To Find Your Hope Following A Loss

  • Create a crystal-clear vision for your life and relationships so you can take your power back along with your relationships.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that you are facing now in your life that you contribute to your life event that may be sabotaging your healing to live the life you want.
  • You’ll leave this Empowerment session renewed, re-energized and inspired to finally begin to live life again on your terms and feel that you have a purpose and are worthy to live that life.

Blessing and Much Love Rick

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