old belief

It looks like a duck and sounds like a duck therefore it must be a duck.

Old Beliefs do die-hard. Or at least that’s what they say

It seems like “fast” never quite rates “fast enough!” And when it comes to Belief.  Someone who struggles with belief will tell you that nothing ever seems to go as quickly as we want or expect. Well, let me do my part for you by giving you 1 specific Belief Tip to help you develop a new belief structure

As for most of us at some point in time we struggle with just getting out of bed and doing the everyday things we need to do.

When I talk and work with someone who has suffered a life event like mine on June 15 1993 when my daughter had passed away. Our life changes so much so quickly. It impacts us so much just to be able to deal with and process all the information that is being thrown at us.

We tend to fall back on what we know from our past experiences, We may never of had any experience with what is happening in our life at the moment. We just have to rely on what we know.

The One Big Thing

When it come to belief I subscribe to the 1 Big Thing.

What do I mean about the 1 Big Thing? That’s our old belief.

It’s like this we all have played Domino’s before, right? You know when you stand them on end to end, knock 1 down and the next one falls and so on.

Well It was put to me like this by a man named Tim Ferris,  he wrote the book 4 Hour Work Week. He was asked what a day in his life looked like. You see he makes well over a Million Dollars a year.

“He said that if you followed him around each day you most likely would be board. He get’s up meditates, has coffee or tea, takes a walk and then read a book. He may do this routine for weeks. He tries to slow down. Looks around for that 1 Big Domino that will knock everything down in his life. That was the only thing he focused on. That one thing – The 1 Big Domino that will knock down all his other problems”.

What does this have to do with belief. Well everything.

Let me explain:

Our old belief is like the Big Domino. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you. Your not going to believe it to be true. So hard to go from old belief to new belief.

To get someone to believe in something. The first step in creating a new belief is to find that One Big Thing that will knock all the other objections down in your life and around your situation

Let’s Look At Logic

If A, Then B


Therefore B

If my son Hunter doesn’t finish his homework, then he will not play soccer.

Hunter didn’t finish his homework

Therefore, Hunter will not go to soccer


If you think about it this way, it’s a pattern. You see this all around us everyday.


As in the Bible.

If you believe in the bible and it’s true, then Jesus is then our Savor

So the bible is true.

So therefore Jesus is our Savor.


This is why it’s so hard to win an argument with someone who believes it is so true. As in our Old Belief it doesn’t matter how much I try to explain it and to convince you to see something my way – you’re not.

Moving Forward

This is why we have so much trouble excepting our new life as to begin to move forward. We have are old conceived ideas about grief and how to grieve. Others tell us what we need to do and how to grieve. It doesn’t make it wrong by no means. There is always a better way. Keep an open mind as to your own situation.

A New Cause Based Belief Logic.

I have a new master class coming in the future that will explain this much more.

  • Regardless of how you choose to use these 1 Belief Tip, don’t just sit on this new knowledge and forget about it. Put it to good use so you can develop a new belief structure, which is really what Someone who struggles with belief and grief wants, right? Of course!
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Blessing and Much Love, Rick